Saturday, 11 December 2010

Don't you just hate last minute defeats

It had to happen didn't it?

Neil Young receives the Manager of the Month award before today's game, and....we go and get beat!

Not much fun that match today, plenty of goals, including possibly one of the best I've ever seen down at the Deva, sadly from the oppo - a 35 yard screamer into the top corner.

It could have been oh so different had we had our shooting boots on but we had to make do with two Wildey headers today, but sadly that wasn't enough as Radcliffe put three past us.

It was a very busy one today with pre match and half time events taking place. Usual match day routine for me, up in the morning, respond to any e-mails to the club, checking to see if anything else needs preparing for the day, although usually that's all boxed off the day before.

Watch a bit of Soccer AM, and then head off down the ground at just after 12.30pm. First thing to do is sort out a requested interview with Neil Young, followed by myself giving an interview to the same person.

Then time to check if the Christmas CD is working okay on the PA, then check to see if the CD for today's on-pitch singer Scott Davies is working, and guess what, no it isn't - so into the Legends Lounge to get him and advise, I've never seen anyone leave the ground so quick to get a replacement!

Down to pitch side for the pre match stuff, and Scott arrived just in time to warm the crowd up with his performance, before Mascot duty & the minute's applause - to respect Paul Raynor, John Butler, and of course Harry McNally who passed away six years ago now.

So, kick off and up to my usual place to watch the first half, which was frustrating in itself - still 1-1 at half time.

But before the half would end, it was down to the tunnel to get ready for the appearance of the Abbey Gate Junior Choir, and as soon as that whistle went, it was time to get out there and meet the kids in the centre circle.

So, all set up, and then ready to get on with the first song, and it soon became apparent that they couldn't be heard - it sounded great in the centre circle, but sadly I don't think the kids could be heard, so in between songs, it was time to gee them up a bit, and ask the crowd to help them along the way, although for the second song it was a case of shoving a microphone in the face of a little one, and hoping that they'd be heard this time - hopefully they were as they were a great and enthusiastic little bunch of kids.

Second half underway, and another frustrating half that ended in the most dismal fashion possible - a kick in the teeth on 94 minutes.

I think we're all a bit frustrated tonight with that, but today's result should ensure that Neil doesn't get the December Manager of the Month award, so it's not all bad!

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