Friday, 18 February 2011

Busy Busy Busy as Friday is set to be Media Day!

Well this week has seen another busy week in the media role at the club with plenty going on!

But first, reflections on the match at Woodley Sports on Tuesday - or rather, the lack of a match on Tuesday!

BP garage - not quite Woodley Sports FC
Tuesday didn't start well for me, as the sat nav was programmed in, and guided me all the way through the motorways to Stockport in about 45 minutes flat, before telling me we were 1.2 miles from the ground, but when the voice said destination on the left I looked in amazement as I didn't realise that Woodley Sports played at a BP garage - thanks Sat Nav - useless piece of s...

Anyway, "perform a U-turn" was the most annoying and regular thing I was hearing as I tried to work out where the hell the ground was, so had to pull over and then drive with one hand on the Evo-Stik League handbook for directions, whilst the other steered me to what I hoped was closer to the ground!

When I eventually got there, you could feel the friendliness of the place from the off, and after a lovely pre match burger, I went to meet Woodley's official Wayne Ashworth, who had gone out of his way to accommodate Chester, and provide a great night for Blues fans - inviting comments from Chester fans in the match day programme, offering hospitality for just £25, reducing prices for Dads & Lads to a tenner, when they could quite easily have increased prices for this fixture.

Naturally being pulled from pillar to post, and then the big nightmare started, the lights started to fail, with them coming back on, before going off again - repeat that two or three times and we know what happened.

I was gutted for Wayne who was so keen to get the game on, but this one was out of his hands, one thing that struck me was how many electric "experts" there seemed to be all of a sudden at the game.

We're working with Woodley & the Evo-Stik League to come up with a solution, and hopefully that will mean a game back at Woodley free or charge - it's a shame that some fans cannot make the re-arranged game on April 5th, and Woodley won't be able to say that a refund can be made until they have agreement with the Evo-Stik League, so those who think the club are ;fobbing them off' should just give them a bit of time to sort things out - they have to do this the correct way, which is why it's not being rushed.

The attention if of course turned now to the Chorley game on Saturday, and even though the game is actually tomorrow, there has been so much going on in the last couple of days media wise it's been hard to catch up!

On Wednesday we had the Alan Irwin Show on City Talk, with then Podcast being made available here - Alan, who has upped City's coverage of the Blues this season, had Neil Young & Michael Wilde on the show which is in the studios at the top of the Liverpool tower, and I can tell you now you can feel the thing swaying when you're up there!

"Get in! I've got Wildey on my show!"
 Then yesterday I got a call from Colin Murray, who initially was ringing about his designer sunglasses that he left up here last time he visited - and he's going on holiday on Saturday so he wanted them back - so I did him a fair trade, he could have them if he got Wildey on his Friday night show, and I don't think he needed too much persuasion, as Wildey is of course the number one striker around!

We were also trying to sort out a time when Colin & friends could make it back up for a game, which will be on a Wednesday, so barring any more fixture changes I'm hoping that he'll be up for the game against Salford on the 9th March - and now here lies the spooky link - Colin's birthday is actually the 10th March, and what happened on the 10th March last year? Hmmm, a Chester fan for life guaranteed now, as his birthday falls on Day 1 of the reformation of Chester FC!

Colin also confirmed some more good news as Pat Nevin has now confirmed for the event on May 7th at Chester Racecourse, so that's the full set now, Colin, Perry, and Pat will all be attending.

Also tonight, The Non League Channel (internet based station) will be featuring the comments from Neil Young ahead of the game at Chorley on Saturday, so more coverage there.

The Friday Night Football Show also on tonight with myself joining Neil & Pat in the studio, thanks to Shane for the invite.

Also, yes there's more - the Seals Podcast should be out today which features the 'Team of the Decade' and I have to admit mine was sneaked in, at the last minute, so hopefully it made a difference to the voting!

So, all that AND the fact that tomorrow is the big game - it'll just be nice to slow down for the game!!!

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