Sunday, 2 May 2010

Big week coming up for Chester FC

So, with the anti-climax of last week where the Council delayed their decision on who to award the lease to the Deva Stadium to, there was no big celebration in the end for us all to get excited about - however that could come in the next few days, as the Council are due to make their announcement this coming bank holiday week.

We are all hoping of course that the local bid beats the Danish bid, and there should be no reason why this should happen, that's not being arrogant of course, it's just being realistic - City Fans United is of course made up of local people who have supported the club for years on end, yet the Danes have no history of supporting Chester, and are just out to damage the hopes of respectable Chester fans of course, and seem to have linked themselves to an allie of Stephen Vaughan, that being Gary Metcalf, to try to win the right to stage some kind of football at the Deva Stadium, when they clearly do not have the backing of Chester fans.

So, the big decision is set to be announced this week then, and it seems like we're in for a midweek decision, and many would gamble on the Council going public on Thursday with the elections coming up on the same day of course - we will of course see if that happens, but it seems the Deva is being used as a political tool, and if the local council are using it as a pawn to help them in the elections, then fine - all CFU want is the lease - anyone else can take all the plaudits, but let's just get the lease to enable the CFU to submit their final application - to include the Deva Stadium - to the Football Association.

It would of course be fantastic news if the story was to be broken earlier that a decision would be made in favour of CFU, and I hope that they do make the decision public as soon as possible - but we will await that decision.

We just hope that the correct decision is made, and that local people are in charge of the Deva Stadium, and then the exciting process of building the infra-structure of the club can begin in earnest.

Fingers crossed for this week then!

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