Monday, 17 May 2010

Chester FC secure the Deva Stadium

Well a few days have passed since the decision was made to award City Fans United the lease to the Deva Stadium, and as the dust settles, I'll be blogging a bit more in the next few days to go through what this means for the city of Chester.

The news broke at midnight on Wednesday 5th May on as the fans went wild with delight knowing that the fight against the Danish consortium had been won, and CFU's vision for Chester FC to play their home games at the Deva won backing from Cheshire West & Chester Council, and it meant that plans could be continued for what is set to be a momentus occasion next season.

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Hi Banksy

I'm leaving this message in the hope you can advise me of how i can start posting in the deva chat forum,this is the only way i've been able to ask anyone from the site,i have emailed the admin three times with no reply.My user name is tommy111.I can sign in but can't post or anything else.Thanks in advance for any help.