Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Neil & Gary unveiled at the Deva

It was hot and sunny down at the Deva Stadium today - the perfect weather to introduce both Neil Young and Gary Jones to the local media, and they did plenty of interviews too!

It completed the latest step towards the return of the Blues, with a manager and assistant now in place, it's time to wait and see which players they bring in to the club, as they get ready for the assault on the Vodkat League - if that's where the club end up starting from, with the formal appeal yet to be responded to by the FA.

That will be determined next week, and let's hope for some positive news from the outcome of those meetings, but I'm sure we'll all just be glad to get on with things now!

So, the sun shines above the Deva, let's hope it stays up there for some time yet!

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