Saturday, 19 March 2011

Blank on the pitch, but scoring big on the TV!

Well another week has passed and again we're talking about a big match in Lancashire today - this time at the Giant Axe as Chester go in search of 3 valuable points to keep the momentum going, as well as that amazing away run which is close to becoming a record run, but I'll keep quiet on that one for now.

Lets rewind back 7 days ago, and that great feature on Football Focus, which I'm pleased to say went down extremely well amongst Blues supporters. I'd arrived with Mrs B at the ground early so we could nip into the Blues Bar for a drink whilst watching the feature, and bang on 12.45 as advised we were on.

The focus is on the Blues
The feature showed just how far we've come as a club and that should not be forgotten as we head into the run in on our promotion hunting season - everyone should take a bow.

Then it was back inside to greet the Legend of the Week, Eddie Bishop, who I'm pleased to say was able to attend the game as I'd been after Eddie to come down for a while, but because of his non footballing interests had found it difficult to squeeze in!

Eddie loved every minute of the Legend Experience, and I couldn't stop him talking up in the Lounge which was great, we talked about THAT game against Wrexham where he had some great stories about the players and also Derek Mann, the manager in charge that day.

Eddie and his itchy head
Eddie mentioned his nerves when stepping up to take the penalty that put us 1-0 up, "I was bricking it to be honest, as all I could think of was 'don't miss this in front of the Chester fans!' but then the fact that big Dave Felgate had saved Benno's penalty earlier helped a little" - and miss it he didn't as he sent us all wild in the away end that night.

He said that Derek Mann was normally a placid chap who didn't tend to show great emotion, but he said that he really rallied around everyone in the changing room that night, and put the belief into the players that they could get something out of the game, and boy did they do so!

The requests from the media to do interviews with Eddie came flying in, so I had to hang around the Lounge keeping my eyes on him to grab him once he'd finished his starter, so that Shane from Dee and Neil off Radio Merseyside could do separate interviews with him, and he did them both before diving back in for his main course!

Sadly, the match afterwards didn't live up to expectations, although there were chances for both sides to win the game - how on earth did they miss those chances from inside the 6 yard box though, Judgey must have thought Christmas had come early for him!

That's me £3 in credit says Wildey
I spent most of the first half watching the game with Wildey & Iain Howard, most notably winding Wildey up saying that I'd heard a rumour that he'd agreed to pay 50% of his weekly wage back to the club for every game that he failed to score in - his response was "that's definitely a rumour and not true!!"

But a point was gained, and it may just be a vital point to as it does mean that with our goal difference that chasing clubs would need to get an extra point to get past us - if they do catch up at all.

Midweek saw a few of the challengers play games in hand, firstly on Monday night Curzon Ashton played Skelmersdale in a crunch match where we were hoping for a CA win or draw, and it was all taking place during the latest CFU members meeting - quite a straight forward one, but one where I was asked if we can regular updates of games on the official website as this gentleman found it difficult to tune into the radio or get updates on his mobile whilst he was at work - his work turned out to be driving a train, so not sure how he's get away with surfing the internet for the latest score whilst he's driving the train!!

Anyway, Skem won the match 3-2 having trailed initially, so fair play to them as they have been banging them in recently - down to 10 points clear then.

On Tuesday, it was the turn of Chorley to play their game in hand - against today's opponents Lancaster City, and on my predictions I had this one down as a home win, and for a while it seemed I'd be (hopefully) wrong, as Lancaster were holding them at 1-1, but then the inevitable late goal for Chorley that we've all become accustomed to, although at least this time it was inside the 90 minutes, 85th to be precise!

So, the lead cut down to 9 points, but remember, effectively 10 with that draw against Witton last weekend.

The last couple of days have seen us getting the matchday programme ready for next week's game against Woodley Sports - so time to update the Blue's Blog, which next week is based on how we look after the legends each week.

made for radio!
An invite from Shane Pinnington then followed to go on to the Friday Night Football Show on Dee - we do try and rotate the appearances on Dee between all of the Directors, to ensure that we're consistently bringing all of the news to the fans that we have going at the club at the time, as we've always said transparency is the key to a successful football club.

Finally, it was great to see a page in the programme dedicated to football blogs about the blues - this one included, now I've done this blog for a while now, firstly of course it started out as a blog about the situation that was developing at the former club, which you can have a read of here - then of course the reformation started up, and I wanted to do the blog to give an insight to what happens behind the scenes at the club as far as my role is concerned, and hopefully it's interesting to read.

Time to sign off now as the lads get ready for the trip to Lancaster, here's hoping we can bring the points back down the M6 today from the Giant Axe - COME ON YOU BLUES!!!

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Richard said...

Cracking post as always! Didn't realise my article about the blogs was in the Woodley programme, I thought it was in the Durham one.... O well, I'm glad you liked it anyway! Keep up the good work.