Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Improvements to Official site ongoing

Last night then the board meeting, which was a good three and a half hours, and many subjects raised and discussed, but as per usual some good debates, and some great ideas put forward to take on, watch this space - tell you what though, it wasn't half cold in The Blues Bar!

Well having had chance to take stock and look at the official site in greater depth this morning, a few amends were made to it prior to the old working day starting, and a chance to make it appear a little easier on the eye as far as the headings were concerned!

So, now we have CFC Stats, CFC Fan Zone, and Seals Lottery - hopefully most will know the fixtures, results, tables, players etc are all contained with that section now. Still, have e-mailed Pitchero to request a further change to a few different area of the website, so we'll see how we get on with that hey?

During the day today, we heard that the Newcastle Town game will now take place on Tuesday 30th November, so let's hope there are no crazy crashes on the motorway that night - for anyone who wonders why the coach went on the M56 in the first place, well it's because some players have to be picked up en-route, as they can't get down to the Exacta in time for the coach departure time. It's common place at this level but what isn't is the luxury of the coach, which was pretty decent to be fair.

Also, some more news that the Chester players along with Neil Young will be helping to switch the Chester Christmas lights on, let's hope that the weather is kind to them all - I think it was last year when it chucked it down, or was that the year before?

So, a couple of updates on the official site to do then, and after work a quick trip down to the ground, where filming was taking place for ITV, linked to Chester fan Ash Dolan, but I'll let him tell everyone about his moment, as he had the whole ground to himself with the TV cameras!

Looking ahead to tomorrow night, and the visit of Congleton, once again a Cup match, this time the Cheshire Senior Cup, and tomorrow night we have 18 businesses being guests of thebestofchester who have pulled together prospective fans & sponsors - more great potential for our growing club.

Interesting to find out from Neil today that Danny Meadowcroft is back for tomorrow night's game, one person who will be delighted is Rich Wightman, who sponsors him - hopefully he'll put in a great performance for Chester FC's very own sick note!

One match to watch out for tonight, Skelmersdale v Salford - come on City!!

That's it for tonight, time to shut the laptop down!

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