Monday, 29 November 2010

Where's a Terry Smith kettle when you need one?

It had been an unusually quiet week with the Blues last week, as we experienced the rarity of no midweek match, and given the bad weather, maybe we could have done with one as we're now in a cold snap that is dominating the game, with temperatures plummeting towards minus 20!

It also co-incided with a week off work too, so lots of attention given to the incoming e-mails to the club as well as making minor amends to the official website.

Then on Wednesday, the chance to listen to Alan Irwin's coverage of the Blues with his visit to the Exacta last Saturday for the Skem game - and how good was that programme?? He sat with Chris Pilsbury through the game whilst getting interviews with me before, during, and after the game, but I must admit I didn't think all of the footage would be used!

Typically, I'd misread the Twitter feed from Leigh Genesis last week, there's me thinking that Clitheroe had been beaten 2-1 when actually they'd lost to Clitheroe, and cue plenty of "nine points ahead" inaccuracies, ah well, that'll teach me!

Also on Wednesday night, time to do a few player interviews for the half season dvd and Trafford dvd that NATV are releasing very shortly, and the odd sight of me walking through Total Fitness - no I normally break into a cold sweat when just walking past a gym, so all the guilty feelings about not doing enough about my fitness were certainly rammed home when seeing everyone else utilising all the products that feature in TF.

Then the lads came in, all decked out in their CFC gear, with everyone looking on, seems that the lads will make an impact in there.

Anyway, carried out a few interviews with the lads, before heading off home to return to my position as couch potato, and catch up with the Apprentice and then the latest goings on in the Jungle!

So, thoughts then turned towards the weekend, and whether Saturday's game would be on or off. Friday saw the first pitch inspection take place to show that ther pitch could be playable at kick off time despite it being frozen first thing in the morning. The pitch at that point was okay, but at the same time, the snow was beginning to flurry.

The ice cool temperatures overnight would then throw fresh doubt onto proceedings, and a 9am pitch inspection was to take place, so waiting on the other end of the phone to find out what the outcome was whilst standing in the garden with my shorts on having just got up to let the dog out - yes I know, not a nice image.

Then the phone call telling me that a further inspection would take place at 2pm, as the League wanted us to do everything possible to get the game on, so the call for volunteers went out, whilst updating the radio, twitter, facebook, and of course the official site, whilst answering a few queries on DevaChat.

Then as soon as that was done, the phone went again, and the match was now off - so quickly into reverse, and updating everything again, so that all were aware of the game being called off. Despite the thought of having a freezing cold Exacta to attend, I still was looking forward to a game on the day, so to have it whipped away was a great shame, but I think at 2pm the decision would have been the same.

So, a quiet weekend in the end, with plenty of TV to watch, and casting an eye towards this week's game at Newcastle - would we have the same problem? Yes, probably.

Temperatures had dropped considerably since Saturday with little chance of it getting above freezing, and news that a pitch inspection at newcastle was to take place this afternoon threw the game into doubt, especially when I jumped in the car following the week off work it was minus 8, and plenty of de-icing to be done before heading back to work.

Today as well has seen another cancellation, this time the Newcastle Town game again for the second time, with the weather winning the battle.

Thankfully though, the Woodley Sports game gets the go ahead for next Wednesday, and the strong possibility of (Sir) Stuart Rimmer attending the game as the Legend of the Week, and you never know maybe just maybe he might be joined by another...

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