Friday, 19 November 2010

Non stop action as the promotion push continues!

I think everyone was surprised the other night when we heard the team for the match against Sutton Coldfield in the President's Cup, but Neil stuck to his pre match view that he would be fielding a strong team for the game, as the lads had only trained the once and that would not be enough before Saturday's game against Skelmersdale, and that of course will be the priority - that said, it didn't stop me wincing every time a player was challenged!

The fact that we did have a strong line up suggested that we wouldn't need extra time for this game, and in fact the game was wrapped up by half time as a brilliant goal from Antoni Sarcevic put us one up with many likening the goal to that of Junior "you wake me up before" Agogo, with that mazy run against Cheltenham at the Deva a few years ago - well more than a few now!

Great news yesterday that Antoni is going to stay with us for a further month, was pleased when I got the call from Neil late yesterday afternoon giving us the news that we wanted to hear, and as I was on the way home from work, I was straight on to the internet as soon as I walked through the door to share the news. That also meant a quick Tweet and sharing it on Facebook.

Wednesday was also low key on the pre match entertainment factor, but also great to see Iain Howard collect the Seals Podcast Player of the Month Award for October - he certainly deserved it. Also of note, was Iain saying he was single, and I'm sure I caught him eyeing up the lineswoman on Wednesday night, who shall we say probably attracted less criticism than your average linesman would!

I sat down with Richie "I'm a Director, get me outta here" Wightman and also Richie Sands & Nigel Clarke for the first half, where we witnessed a great first half full of Chester chances, and apologies to all me for me jumping up in front of them when we scored - just couldn't contain myself!

One of the funniest moments was when the announcement came over that someone had parked in a disabled parking space without a blue badge, and we were all laughing about it until it was realised that it was Richie Sands' car - or "Sonic" as he always used to be known, for his speed on crutches - used to play football with that lad at school and still got the scars to prove it!

After a lovely sausage roll from the kiosk it was off to the Harry Mac for the second half to go and stand behind the goal, I do try and do that as much as possible as it used to be my favourite area behind the goal. Anyway, some good banter in behind the goal, and a promise to play a certain tune on Saturday, which could end up turning into an anthem on the Harry Mac - watch this space!

So, a good, if not freezing night watching the Blues, but a good win, and through to the Quarter Finals draw, which takes place towards the end of next week. Got home to catch the highlights of the England game, well what highlights there were anyway, not much kop, but young lads, so let's just get behind them.

Yesterday was a fairly quiet day which was just as well as really busy at work, but a few e-mails coming through, we get a lot of students doing journalism or sports broadcasting courses requesting interviews, and that's certainly the case this weekend, with a few more to do, as well as an interview with Alan Irwin from City Talk, so expecting it to be busy tomorrow pre match.

Busy tonight also, as the first Dee 106.3 weekend preview programme starts at 6pm, and myself and Chris Pilsbury will be in the studios all things being well as we look to the start of the weekly feature on the Blues, and great to see that Dee are really linking up with the club now - but they won't live the 'Chester manager Gary Simpson' bit down!

That's it for now, just boxed off some e-mails for CFC, and after doing some CFU letters early morning, it's off to work, Friday - dress down Friday - love it.

That's it for this week, have a great weekend, and come on you blues!!!

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